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La Buena Coffee Company

Our Mission

Our goal at La Buena Coffee is to provide you with 100% Arabica Colombian coffee straight from local farmers to your cup. We also want to reinvest in Colombia by donating 10% of our profits to La Liga Pequena, who provides a physical and creative outlet through the game of baseball to at-risk youth.

Big picture... Everyone wins: Colombian children and farmers as well as coffee drinkers around the world!

Why Choose La Buena?

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) score coffee on a scale of 1-100 focusing on 10 different principles of fragrance/aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, uniformity, balance, cleanliness of cup, sweetness & an overall score.

Coffees scoring 80 plus points are classed as specialty coffees, which guarantees the coffee comes from ethical sources (where human rights, the environment, and farmers/workers are respected). The story behind the beans will be transparent so you can trace the origins to learn more about the farmers, their plots, and the micro-climates of the beans.

All of our La Buena coffee will be between 84 and 88 SCA points, so you'll always know you are drinking the TOP 5% of coffee IN THE WORLD!!!

Our Core Values

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La Liga Pequena

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