What's the Difference Between Types of Coffee Roasts?

Do you ever get confused with all the different coffee roasts? Team La Buena has got you covered!

Coffee roasts are categorized by the color and intensity of the beans. Different roasts offer distinct flavor profiles and are suited to different brewing methods. 

Here are some of the most popular types of coffee roasts:

  1. Light Roasts: Also known as "light city" or "half city" roasts, these beans are light brown in color and have a mild flavor with a slight acidity. They are typically used for drip coffee and pour-over methods.
  2. Medium Roasts: These beans are a medium brown color and have a more balanced flavor with a slight sweetness. They are versatile and can be used for various brewing methods, including drip, pour-over, and French press.
  3. Medium-Dark Roasts: These beans are a darker brown color and have a stronger, bolder flavor with a hint of chocolate or caramel. They are typically used for espresso and French press.
  4. Dark Roasts: Also known as "French Roasts" or "Italian Roasts," these beans are the darkest and have a smoky, almost burnt flavor. They are typically used for espresso, French press, and Turkish coffee.
  5. Specialty Roasts: These are unique roasts that are often single-origin or blends that are specially crafted to showcase a particular flavor profile or origin. Some examples include Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Jamaica Blue Mountain, and Kenyan AA.

Now you can use this information to choose the right roast to suit your taste preferences and brewing method. Keep in mind that your personal taste is the ultimate guide, so don't be afraid to experiment with different roasts to find your perfect cup of coffee.